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Fired Works

Large Cherry Blossom

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Large Cherry Blossom

A charming, sculptural glasswork. In this Large Cherry Blossom a pleasant green background meets the swirled purples and pinks of the clustered blossoms which are segmented with the sharp silhouettes of branches making a feast for the eye!

It was created using a combination of glass working techniques, beginning with the careful cutting of coloured glass sheets into petals and finished with enamel painting for the branches and additional frit painted elements, before being fired in our studio's kiln.

The work has been lovingly framed with a bespoke jet black frame by Emerald frames. With it's highly complimentary colours it would look well throughout the house, from bedroom, to bathroom and living room.

This wall art piece is one of a kind and therefore only one is available for sale.

(32 x 46 cm framed and 27 x 33cm unframed)